In the context of Hubout, the “Sinergie” project, born from the collaboration between the municipalities of Cinisello Balsamo and Matera, is based on the creation of new coworking spaces, for the promotion of entrepreneurship and the spirit of initiative of young people.

The new coworking spaces, intended as a public space and engine of social innovation, must represent a place to support young startups or entrepreneurial ideas and workshops for business development, in particular for the cultural industry. The diffusion of the corporate culture must be conceived as a stimulus to a proactive approach, which reinforces the spirit of initiative both in facing the challenges of the labour market and in relation to the challenges of life.

This new approach is based on three fundamental points:

  • Community: Design the coworking space as a place open to the community
  • CollaborationSupplement the coworking space with policies and services, aiming to the dissemination of knowledge, strategies and methods.
  • Innovation: Innovate and digitize the activities through the union of different skills and knowledge


The young ambassadors who will take part in the project will have the opportunity to be pioneers of innovation, developing ideas and entrepreneurial initiatives for local development and becoming multipliers of knowledge and practices.

Participative Process

The participative process phase is based on the creation of engagement paths with the stakeholders, figures that deal in particular with youth employment, social innovation and local development. This collaboration plays an essential role both in the direct involvement of the young beneficiaries by providing expertise, and in the co-design of the new coworking spaces. The objective of this phase is the expansion of the coworking spaces in order to have an open look at the host community, ensuring the continuity of the initiatives and the definition of a new “protocol of agreement” between organizations of the Third Sector and the Municipality.

Entrecomp Lab Junior

The Entrecomp Lab Junior consists in the creation of multiple working groups of young people between the ages of 16 and 20, who will be mentored and stimulated in the development of different business ideas through the TOP model (Training Opportunities and Pitch), developed by the Municipality of Estarreja ( Portugal). The Lab will give the opportunity to 40 young people (20 from North Milan and 20 from the Municipality of Matera), to learn more about the key elements of the launching of a startup (idea generation, impact canvas, storytelling and elevator pitch), to collaborate with entrepreneurs and local experts and it also includes study-visits in virtuous companies from a social innovation perspective. The workshops will end with the awarding of the two most convincing business ideas (one from Cinisello Balsamo and the other from Matera). The winning teams from Cinisello and Matera will have the opportunity to participate in a Youth Exchange and meet each other after the development process.

Entrecomp Lab Senior

The Entrecomp Lab Senior are aimed at young people aged between 18 and 35, that are interested in developing their own business idea, or willing to increase their skills in this area. The 40 participants will be divided into unedited multidisciplinary teams and supported through specific mandatory trainings, complemented by meetings with local businesses and innovative startups. The laboratory will work as an incubator for entrepreneurial ideas, focusing in particular on teamwork and experimentation with relational / social dynamics in the work context. Participants will also receive training on acquiring new tools for work and communication.

The initiative is based on learning entrepreneurial skills aimed at creating a youth business. Applications for project ideas must be received by 12 noon on Monday 26 October 2020, by filling out the application form. Along this path of personal, professional and entrepreneurial growth, the selected candidates will be supported by professors from the Politecnico di Milano, by territorial business associations, by coworking centers and will be able to access the support of project management experts. The activity will take place at Villa Breme Forno in Cinisello Balsamo, at the end of the internship a certification of the skills acquired will be issued.

The stages will be:


From 21.09.2020 to 26.10.2020 any group, couple or single who meets the requirements described in the announcement, will be able to submit their business idea to the Call for Ideas. Candidates in the presentation must describe their idea of ​​”business”, highlighting its innovativeness, beneficiaries and impact.


The first appointment of the program includes participation in an intensive weekend in November, during which candidates will be able to focus on their business idea. At the end of the two days, candidates will have two weeks to present themselves to the Elevator Pitch.


The selected groups, following the Elevator Pitch, will access the 3-month internship. Participation will be mandatory for a minimum of 20 hours on a weekly basis and must be completed in order to benefit from the participation allowance (regional guidelines on internships DGR 7763/2018).


The selected groups will be supported by a Mentor (tutor) who will accompany them in the process of setting up and growing the business idea with personalized meetings that will take place at least twice a week. At the end of the internship, a certification of the skills acquired will be issued.

Digicomp Lab

The Digicomp Lab provides trainings for all the Entrecomp Lab participants in new hardware and software technologies applied in the working environment. In particular, the training will include an initial part for basic skills (setting up a work email, writing a CV), to continue with the acquisition of digital professional skills (social and tools management) and the use of new technologies for production, management and analysis of Big Data. In addition, two Digital Angels will be identified and involved by territory: young experts in the use of digital tools who will assist the groups of participants in the development of ideas. These figures will also be available to citizens to expand the offer of activities related to digital youth work.


A brief description about the role of the partners involved in the project:

Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo wants to consolidate the role of coworking as a space of reference for the development of useful skills to introduce young people into the workplace. The role played by Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo is to share this experience on a nel mutuare e condividere queste esperienze in an attractive local landscape with high potential.

Municipality of Matera aims to importing the Cinisello Balsamo’s experience, opening the first public coworking in Matera. The model will be based on a cross-sector approach, will contaminate the strategies of the sectors of administration, counting on physical space based on social innovation and open to dialogue with young local people.

The Department of Design of the Polytechnic University of Milan develops research and experimentation in the context of shared workspaces such as coworking, incubators and fablabs in Europe, to investigate the elements of success and their role within the communities that host them. The University wants to offer young people a stimulating space for the development of entrepreneurial innovation projects.

OltreSpazio is the co-manager of the expansion of the spaces. They will be in charge of the increase in the entertainment offer and  in particular the management of the logistic organization of the Entrecomp Lab. OltreSpazio will also have the role of defining a strategy of collaboration with the realities of the Third Sector of Cinisello Balsamo and Matera, with the aim of expanding the participatory base of the project and facilitating the involvement of young people in the process of starting / expanding the coworking.

CSBNO is a special consortium represented in 32 Municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Milan. It includes 60 different structures such as libraries, music schools and cultural centers. Their role will be to transmit the MakersLab management model and to conduct the Digicomp Lab for the beneficiaries of the project.

Basilicata Creativa is a cluster of public and private organizations that deal with culture and creativity. With this project, it aims to promote the birth of new businesses and programs in the Lucan area, with a view to territorial marketing and long-term sustainability.

The North Milan Entrepreneurs Association represents the reference point for the small and medium-sized companies operating in the North Milan area. They will contribute to the diffusion of an enterprise culture through the tutoring activities of the young people involved in the project by hosting and incubating the innovative ideas that will emerge from the Entrecomp Lab.

Generazione Lucana is a youth association born with the aim of increasing active involvement and participation, as well as promoting the development of new youth policies in line with European directives. Through the HubOut project, Generazione Lucana wants to support the birth of a new aggregation center for young people and to encourage actions that educate them for the creation and management of sustainable entrepreneurial and creative projects.

Province of Matera will involve and coordinate the local higher education system in the Junior Entrecomp Labs; they will participate, together with the project partners, in the participating processes and collaborate for the integration of the new ideas, emerged from the Entrecomp Labs in the Matera area.