Spazio CoFò

Cofò, the first coworking in Cinisello Balsamo, has been inaugurated in 2017 inside Villa Breme di Forno, and it was created by the Municipality in collaboration with Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca and five other realities:MARSE, Il Torpedone, Acli Service Cooperativa, ACLI Lombardia and Codici. Since March 2018, the space has been managed by OltreSpazio APS Association with the project managers Matteo and Micaela, founding members of the Association.Cofò is a space where young people, freelancers, startups, associations, small businesses, volunteers, trainees and interns can work, plan, develop and create collaborations.

In Cofò you will find:

  • A coworking space, where a contamination between methodologies and practices happens to generate an ecosystem of opportunities.
  • A community in which the strengthening of the professional network, the involvement of stakeholders and the circulation of resources are encouraged.
  • Consultancy services regarding the topic of work: from looking for a job to creating business projects; The establishment of entrepreneurial realities, the incubation and business acceleration.
  • Initiative and events aimed at colleagues and the local area on the subject of work.
  • Cofò Café, the café and bistro

6 consulting courses are active involving over 30 girls and boys under 30. The space also offers a series of services open to everyone, from colleagues to citizens, passing through local companies: catering, events planning, concierge services such as box collection and correspondence, exchange of keys, organization of parties and celebrations or company meetings and coffee breaks.

Makers Lab

Makers Lab is a technological laboratory where you can share your knowledge, your free time, your desire to do and to design in a non-formal learning context. It is a shared space, self-managed by the community of participants and supervised by a staff responsible for the laboratory.

It aims to work on initiatives, projects and the creation of networks with stakeholders interested in researching creativity, with a particular focus on social inclusion projects, promoting youth entrepreneurship and developing new skills and professionalism.

The laboratory encourages the development and exchange of skills according to horizontal interaction models, where those who teach and those who learn can experiment with a different approach to training.

In fact, it intends to increase motivation, experiences and meeting opportunities through the organization of thematic workshops, shared design moments, courses and events dedicated to new technologies and their interaction with daily life.