The name was born by chance from a common feeling of belonging and involvement. Our private and professional experiences are different, we come from different places, we have very different characters – but belongs to us the sensation of “feeling at home”, being together, regardless the place.

Home” was for us from the university classrooms in the endless hours during the group projects, by all those improvised spaces – “PC and a good internet connection are enough”, to the premises found by chance around Milan. This is the sensation that we hope to make feel to our future users. Feel at home, “Like home”, LOME.

The group is composed by:

Cristina, 27 years old. Training service designer and engineer by “necessity”. She graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in Product-Service System Design and Management Engineering. He has worked in design agencies in Italy and abroad as a consultant and has participated in academic research projects.

Gianluca, 28 years old. Service designer and engineer. Graduated within a double degree program of the Politecnico di Milano in Product-Service System Design and Management Engineering. He is currently a PhD student at the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano where he carries out research and applied research, in collaboration with companies, on how design can represent a competitive advantage for organizations.

Federico, 26 years old. Interior and Services Designer of the Politecnico di Milano, where he was also a representative of the students of the School of Design. In search of a specialization to deepen, he had freelance work experience, on a project basis for Maserati and Almacube, the incubator of the University of Bologna.

Giuseppe, 27 years old. Management engineer at the Milan Polytechnic with a great passion for the world of design. He works as a Product Owner within a software company, dealing with process management with agile approaches.

We met in the university classrooms. From there we do not miss an opportunity to get back into the game together for projects, calls or competitions.

Our idea comes first of all from a personal need. As students we spent long days in groups for design workshops.

We just needed a work plan for the pc and a good wifi network, yet the university spaces were always full or inadequate. Thus, it happened to move around the city in search of a free corner. Going around also meant running into many empty or crowded spaces only at particular times of the day. There the idea was born: why not take advantage of any unused space in workstations?

Lome is a platform that connects students or workers looking for a place to study or work and who might have this space. The goal is to promote all those crowded spaces only at a few hours of the day or little known (whether public or private) and put them at the service of a new type of clientele.

In recent months we have defined exactly how the idea will work, its revenue model and the methods of engaging both customers and providers. During the previous months, despite the health emergency situation, we interacted with both of our targets in order to understand how to best support them with our idea and collect food for thought to improve the service. We are now deciding how to develop the application, pending a health situation that will allow us to start testing in pilot cities and then scale and expand the coverage of the service.

In five years we hope to have achieved a wide national coverage, and perhaps to have also climbed abroad. Some of us are planning to go to work abroad and this could represent a further opportunity to establish relationships in other countries in which to land our idea. We believe that after the pandemic, as also emerged from the interviews, it will be essential to have guaranteed flexibility in terms of space and time and therefore having the opportunity to work / study in alternative places will attract a very broad target. We also count on having included several exercises within the application, not only bars, restaurants and public places, but also a series of additional private places that may not be used for long periods of time and could represent another type of place in to go to.

Here are our contacts:


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Linkedin: federico-luciano-nunziata // Instagram: the.federico.luciano


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