Insiem.e was founded during the first months of lockdown, when the school community had to face an important educative task: carry on the distance learning.

The decision for the name, came out from the willingness to unite ourselves, put together our skills and give pedagogical technical support to all those teachers that would have needed it. The dots next to the last two letters of the name indicate the nature of the activity and of the learning methodology proposed about the Media Education, pedagogical field strictly connected to the use of new digital technologies for educational purpose.

We rise as a group of university colleges, that has chose to continue together their professional path. The original group is composed by twelve fellow students of the Master’s Degree in Media Education, in the age between 24 and 50 years and residents in many regions of north Italy, with some exceptions in the center and in the south.

During the year spent since the beginning of the project, a good amount of us graduated and those who stayed were about to finish they’re journey. We all come from study and work experiences in the communicative and/or educative field and the varieties of experiences which everyone is carrying strengthen ourselves as a group and in the activities that we propose. Each dedicates time and resources to the project in different ways, but we have in common the passion for the Media Education and the will to make a  difference in the educative and the educational world.

The idea of Insiem.e. it began in a few days, as a concrete answer to a fortunate transitory necessity; the more strictly entrepreneurial idea has instead matured later: working together on this project, we figured out its value, its potential in terms of development, a growing demand, and above all how good was to work inside of a group that shares the same ethical and professional vision. Participating in the Sinergie project has undoubtedly allowed that in ourselves matured a different  consciousness, on a group level and on a entrepreneurial desire.

Insiem.e. is aimed at teachers and students of all school (levels), to the families but also to the territory trough the third sector institutions and bodies. To date, the main objective of Insiem.e. is the disclosure of an average educative culture trough training activities, consultancy and media communication. This activities are designed on the base of objectives such as: the spread of active digital citizenship, the prevention of cyber stupidity behaviors and the develop of responsibility and critical sense regarding the relationship with digital media.

Trough this first year of activities the group has obtained several results, beginning with the participation at the Milan Digital Week 2020. Following this important event, the first business contacts has arrived  with the territory in the field of training, mostly in the Milan area, that it has allowed us to experiment and improve our formative offer. A turning point that led the growth of the project was the participation in the Hubout-Sinergie tender launched by the municipality of Cinisello Balsamo, and the training and collaboration path started.

In the next months the main objective of Insiem.e. was that of being able to build themselves as a APS, so that they could present themselves in a official way to the recipients of the project and enlarge the network of collaboration proposing themselves more actively on the territory. The collaboration with Hubout and the municipality of Cinisello Balsamo will also continue trough various activities including the diffusion of “digital pills” of Media Education.

In 5 years we see Insiem.e. as an inserted association in different educational and training contexts on a National Level. Our objective is to propose Insiem.e. as a landmark in the media educative field  trough innovative projects related to the new technologies and digital communication.

This are our contacts: