The name of our group is The Crimp & The Good Life and it began from a personal need that was revealed to be a need for many.

The group is formed by:

  • Marco Ramerio, background in operations and management
  • Andrea Scandolo, business and insurance background
  • Daniele Scarcella, tourism industry background

We met through friends and the idea began as a hobby, Marco brought his London climber friends to climb in Sicily. After seeing the potential and the interest shown by the community, he decided to fully dedicate himself in this project.

Our start up offers traveling packages to discover Italy for European climbers.

We want to enhance the national territory with the rest of Europe by helping this way the small activities in the offered destinations.

Covid didn’t let us work as much as we wanted to and, for now, the biggest challenge is to restart. We aim to cover the whole national territory with our offer.

In five years we see ourselves as the European reference point for climbing trips in Italy!

If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us: