The name LADYSOCCER was founded in occasion of the organization of the first woman’s soccer tournament and was already accompanied by the relevant slogan: Respect for woman’s sport which emphasized values carried forward by Ladysoccer. In occasion to the Hubout’s path, we add the word “Shop” to identify the new project of sportswear for woman’s football.

The group is composed by:

Noemi Riccobene, 28 years old, graduated in law and currently legal consultant, big football fan since childhood and founder of Ladysoccer.

Beatrice Turolla, 25 years old, graduated in physical education, currently attending the postgraduate course in sport management. Athletics and rugby instructor and sport educator.

Ginevra Drera, 22 years old, graduated in graphics and communication and training in sports fields.

The group was formed thanks to the project HubOut-Sinergie that allowed us to meet each other. Ladysoccer however already existed as an organization of sporting events related to woman’s football and as a sports club in the territory of Cinisello Balsamo.

Joining forces and knowledge of each of us began a wish to tie to this activity already well started a business related to woman’s sportswear.

The gender inequality in the football world can be seen also by the clothing, why don’t we fill this gap?

Noemi, creator of Ladysoccer, Ginevra for the social rights and female empowerment and Beatrice sporty on 360° e rugby player!

The project Ladysoccer develops a woman’s sportswear line focusing particularly on the production of sportswear in the football sector, that currently have an almost non-existing clothing market in the woman’s sector.

The brand Ladysoccer will impose itself on the sportswear market with uniforms, technical material and all the gadgets related to the specific sport, football, without entering in competition with any other brand but to go and fill the existing gap in the market.

From a first production, we will move on to the creation of different technical-sporting garments ad hoc for footballers up to a complete line.

The slogan, “Respect for women’s sport” will accompany the brand, emphasizing the ethical and social message on each garment that will be produced.


The materials used will be made in Italy, eco-sustainable, if possible recycled and in any case produced with the utmost respect for the environment.

Economic activity will be developed for women, targeting a female audience and with women, or with the active collaboration of All-female staff.

We are aiming to expand and retain the ladysoccer community made up of sports enthusiasts, amateur footballers or even just supporters of gender equality and female empowerment.

We have been selected as a worthy project to create a crowdfunding campaign on the Ginger platform in collaboration with BCC Milano and we are developing contacts and synergies with potential suppliers of sports equipment. We are developing in-depth customer research.

We aim to make the first experimental sales shortly and to start supplying football sports clubs as early as September 2021 with the restart of post-pandemic amateur sport.

Dreaming big, in five years, let’s imagine a Ladysoccer company that dresses many sports clubs and many athletes in general.

We imagine clothing designed for women, by women and which develop a sense of belonging and feminine pride on a sporting level. We start from Cinisello Balsamo, from Milan, from Lombardy to address all of Italy and, who knows, maybe sooner or later all of Europe and beyond!

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