Training with youth workers, entrepreneurs and policy makers

The first training course in Italy, one youth worker from each partner will organize at  least one preliminary meeting within the participants from the same country, aimed at getting-to-know  each other, to introduce the project’s objectives and structure, and discuss openly the possibility of a  cultural shock (and how to manage it). The meeting will be also useful to provide material on the topic of  social entrepreneurship, in order to create a shared knowledge on the state of art, terminology and  starting points for the reflection and the outputs’ production.

The training activities will be aimed at improving the knowledge and competences of the participants, by  using non-formal education methods which will foster teambuilding and the dialogue: it will be an  opportunity to promote the approach proper of the youth work among youth and policy-makers  (especially those who will come from the Partner countries), raising awareness and recognition.  


In particular, the methods used within the first training in Italy will include:  

  • Ice-breaking and energizers activities every morning;  
  • Introduction: difference between “social entrepreneurship”, “social enterprise”, “social  innovation” and “social responsibility”. Each participant will present his/her personal experience  in the field (if any), their organization and what they expect from trainers, from other  participants and from themselves during training.  
  • Get-to-know the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: the session will orient the topics’ setting  to design the social entrepreneurship projects; the facilitators will implement the methods  presented within the tool-kit “Sustainable Entrepreneurship: a collection on non-formal  education methods”, created by Fora Copenhagen in the context of “Growing Green” – a  Capacity Building project in the Field of Youth and published on SALTO’s toolbox; 
  • Presentation of the Europe Goes Local’s Changemakers Kit; 
  • World café on how the policy-makers can support a widespread entrepreneurial culture among  local youth as well as use it to enhance youth employability; 
  • Expert session on the community engagement: objectives, strategies and methods;  
  • Story-telling sessions (study-visit) where successful experiences of collaboration between  public bodies and social entrepreneurs will be presented: in particular, Cinisello Balsamo  Municipality will explain its “HubOut – Sinergie” project, which is supporting the creation of 6  young start-ups through calls and paid training courses; secondly, the experience of the civic  crowdfunding of Milano Municipality will be told by some of the participants as well as by the  head of the Social Innovation Department of the city hall.

View the draft version of the training agenda.

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