In the context of Hubout, the “Sinergie” project, born from the collaboration between the municipalities of Cinisello Balsamo and Matera, is based on the creation of new coworking spaces, for the promotion of entrepreneurship and the spirit of initiative of young people.

The new coworking spaces, intended as a public space and engine of social innovation, must represent a place to support young startups or entrepreneurial ideas and workshops for business development, in particular for the cultural industry. The diffusion of the corporate culture must be conceived as a stimulus to a proactive approach, which reinforces the spirit of initiative both in facing the challenges of the world of work and in relation to the challenges of life.

This new approach is based on three fundamental points:




Design the coworking space as a place open to the community

Supplement the coworking space with policies and services, aiming to the dissemination of knowledge, strategies and methods.

Innovate and digitize the activities through the union of different skills and knowledge

The young ambassadors who will take part in the project will have the opportunity to be pioneers of innovation, developing ideas and entrepreneurial initiatives for local development and becoming multipliers of knowledge and practices.

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